3 Scarves with Meaning

This is what I love about scarves! They are so simple, but are such a statement, literally. Take these lovely scarves from Bernard Maisner, which will spread an optimistic message through beautifully designed calligraphy in various colors stating “Peace, Love, and Understanding.” Yes, I think we all could use a little bit more of that! Continue reading

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Wedding Inspiration from Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an amazing source of style inspiration, from outfit selections to color combinations, her looks are always fresh, modern and beautiful, which is a combination that is quite hard to achieve! Her new bridal collection, Wedding Belles, features the brightest light blue, sweet lipstick pink and soft cream with dazzling gold accents. And did you notice the accessories!?! Bold bows and confetti like hair accessories just add to the fun. She even has some gold plated jewelry, like a “Mrs” necklace (perfect for the honeymoon!) as well as some bangles and barrettes, possibly for the bridesmaids. Click through the images below for a dose of playful yet classic inspiration. Continue reading

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3 Must Read Tips for Dressing in Miami

If you’re heading to the sunny city of Miami anytime soon, you better pack some flashy outfits and sexy beach attire. In case you have absolutely no concept of what the Miami fashion scene is like, here is a crash course.

Miami fashion is full of latin influences, bright and warm colors, vivid prints and sexy cuts. Skin is definitely in, due to the tropical climate and the hot night life. For accessories, add some bling (gold is preferred) and a bright scarf or cover up for the occasional breeze or light drizzle. Below are 3 tips to help you dress in the energetic city of Miami. Continue reading

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Non-Leather Shoes and Accessories for Stylish Men

Most men (and women) have the opinion that virtually all shoes, wallets and belts for men are either made from leather or are low in quality and style. This is far from the truth. There are actually numerous companies that offer these products that are not only 100% cruelty free but also eco-friendly and very trendy. Take The Ethical Man, for example, who has an online vegan shop for men. Continue reading

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5 Toxic Chemicals in Your Mattress

You might purchase eco-friendly clothing and beauty products that contain less chemicals, food with fewer preservatives, and plastic bottles free of BPA, but I’m sure that you hardly think about what goes into your mattress. I decided to do some research on the toxins in my mattress, and let me tell you, the list goes on and on.

One of the main reasons for all the toxins in conventional mattresses is that in 2007, it was made mandatory that all mattresses must contain enough flame retardant to withstand a 2 foot wide blowtorch open flame for 70 seconds. These flame retardants are usually not in your best interest healthwise, with up to 90% of the those in mattresses containing highly toxic chemicals. Continue reading

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You’re Being Fooled

Today you were fooled by friends, family and colleagues in harmless and amusing ways. But what you don’t realize is that you’re actually being fooled every single day. And it’s not by your friends and family, it’s by the owners of national and multinational corporations that rule the fashion industry- one of the largest industries in the world. They tell you what to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay for it. You have no idea what the consequences of this purchase entails- whether it’s employing children to work in sweatshops at pennies a day in inhumane conditions, dumping toxins into the earth, killing animals so that you can wear ‘high-quality’ leather, or pushing all of our money towards the executives at these large corporations instead of to our local communities. It’s time to change the direction of the industry. Continue reading

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Dove is as Hypocritical as it Gets

The same company that plays the role of “improving the self esteem of young girls” also manipulates the insecurities of women to sell their products. Their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ was a real good act. They took a stand against the beauty industry’s brainwashing of young girls and women in our culture and almost got by without criticism from anyone that happens to be immune to the brainwashing of all ads. Yes, even Dove ad’s are full of it. Just check out the compelling video they made about the beauty industry’s effect on young girls. They bring up a good point: that advertisements often objectify women and tell them them that they need to be ‘younger, thinner, firmer, softer‘, but isn’t that the same message that Dove sends out anyway? I mean, this is the same company that markets skin lightening cream in India. Continue reading

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