Ethical Shoes from Olsen Haus

Olsen Haus Shoes

A pair of shoes doesn’t just make a fashion statement, it can also say something about your values and intentions. With the current issues that the world faces, environmental degredation and cruelty to animals are two big problems that should be given some serious thought. Most of us fashion consumers don’t really think about this, but leather can only be made by killing an animal. That means, every pair of leather shoes you own, every leather purse and belt, contributed to animal cruelty. Pretty alarming if you think about it. That’s why all of us at Style Salad now love shoes by Olsen Haus. They only use eco-friendly, cruelty free materials like natural linens, cotton, recycled plastic bottles, recycled television film, and never leather. And they’re so chic! Their funky yet simplistic design and beautiful colors are just lovely. Don’t you love the soft blues, the nautical navy and the trendy coral hues?

As you can tell, the days of eco-friendly shoes being made only of hemp and worn solely by hippies are gone. These shoes prove that you can have the best of both worlds, ethical and stylish, every time you get dressed.


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