Kate Moss to Detox for her Birthday

Kate Moss Swimsuit Shoot

Style Salad wishes Kate Moss a happy 37th birthday, and the best of luck on her new detox diet. This isn’t just a fad diet about looking good, it’s more about health and longevity. According to a reliable source, the model, fashion designer and style icon plans on focusing more on her health for 2011,

“… Kate thinks she’s been living the high life long enough and now wants to have a healthy and balanced 2011.

“Kate fancies a major change. She’s seen how partying has affected her. She’s adamant this has to change.”

Apparently Kate went to the Chiva Som Health Resort in Thailand to start the detox off right.

“During her stay Kate only ate fruit and vegetables and she made a vow that 2011 would not be about boozing and raucous partying.

“She drank only boiled water with lemon and ginger. She did hours of yoga every day and had numerous massages.

“She wants to become healthy and maintain her looks.”

Good for her! What a great resolution to set for yourself! Hopefully, Kate’s trendsetting abilities in the fashion world will be applied to this new health goal. Shouldn’t everyone be thinking about their health?

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  • http://alphabetgame.blogspot.com AKelley

    Yeah, I’m going to have to start living more healthfully now at the age of 24 if I want to look half as good as Kate Moss does at 37. /sigh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1409568179 Kayla McDuffie

    Kate is gorgeous and I guess I better get crackin if I want to look like that at her age. It is important to be as healthy as possible.

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