4 Ways to Wear a Seersucker Suit

Seersucker for the Summer

This is the first of many weekly fashion articles for men on StyleSalad, which will be featured every Tuesday. Today’s post is about one southern yet charming suit that can be stylishly transformed into 4 different outfits: a blue seersucker (These concepts can also be applied to ladies suiting). The great thing about seersucker suits is that the intricate stripes are so soft and subtle that they can be treated as a solid, meaning you can pair them with printed ties, various colors and alternative materials.  Now the seersucker suit I’m referring to is a 2 piece suit that is the traditional blue color. What I absolutely love about this suit is that the color compliments navy, light blue, white and pink so well! If you’re brave you can also pair it with yellow or red. It’s surprisingly versatile! Below are the 4 ways to wear a seersucker suit as well as some shopping tips and lovely pictures.

#1: The Whole Seersucker Suit: Coat and Pants

#1: Jacket and Pants

When wearing the entire seersucker suit, you’ll want to break up all the seersucker with either a bold tie or shirt. The red bow tie looks great with the suit, but I also LOVE the navy polka dot tie with it seen in the first picture. While a tie isn’t necessary, it really brings the entire outfit into one sharp look. Pair it with either white shoes (which look great in the summer!) or brown.

#2: Seersucker Coat Over Khakis or White Slacks

#2: Seersucker Jacket over Khakis or White Slacks

You don’t have to wear the pants every time you wear the jacket. Here I have pictures of a seersucker jacket over light khaki and white slacks. Obviously, this is a much more casual look. The picture on the right features a lovely jacket from Bergdorf Goodman, and looks crisp and clean over a white shirt and white pants. On the left, the jacket is over a pink polo with a yellow sweatshirt around the shoulders (WARNING: VERY PREPPY LOOK!). This looks best with brown shoes.

#3: Seersucker Coat over Jeans

#3: Seersucker Coat over Jeans

This look is by far the most casual, and even a little bit edgy. I mean, it takes a little bit of balls to pull this look off. As you can see in the picture on the left, you don’t have to wear dress shoes with this outfit. The outfit on the right is actually a mix between dressy and casual, since he pairs a tie with it. Not a fan of the busy tie and shirt combination though. One thing to make sure of when wearing a seersucker coat over jeans is that they are dark in color and great in quality. Trust me, it shows!

#4: Just the Seersucker Pants

#4: Seersucker Pants

You can also mix and match with the pants. They look great with a solid dress shirt or a polo (once again, we see the pink polo with seersucker). In addition, you can wear a navy sport coat with seersucker pants, which looks great!! Pants from RalphLauren.com and BrooksBrothers.com.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/david.scherer David Scherer

    When wearing a jacket and white pants:
    What materials would you recommended for the pants? Cotton? Twill? Linen?
    Should I stick with a brown belt and topsiders (as picture), or can I wear a white belt and white bucks?


  • http://twitter.com/stylesalad Style Salad

    Hi David!

    I recommend cotton or linen, something comfortable and light during the hot summer months. And as for the shoes and belt, I would recommend going the safe route and sticking to brown. White on white can be risky when dealing with different materials.

    Hope this helps!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5BPMW5T2FBVMZD4YXONMSAPSEE Aidan Edward

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  • Alex Farris

    Anyone know where the pink/green/red patterned tie featured in the ‘full suit’ picture is from???

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TEDR4EVHD523YBL65MHNZTOE3E Chris

    the picture is lifted from the Brooks Brothers website, so you could probably find the tie there.

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