How To Wear Pigtails Like an Adult

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Pigtails aren’t just for little girls anymore, as we have been seeing more and more models both on the runway and in ad campaigns sporting this grown-up do. The Prada models made this trend have a huge comeback during one of the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shows, and now we see Lindsey Wixson with pigtails in the Spring 2011 look book for Opening Ceremony.

Now, here are some tips for styling your hair in pigtails without looking like you’re trying to be 7 again, because that would just be embarrassing!

1. Add some volume

Make this hairdo less little-girly and more trendy with a retro flair. The easiest way to do this is to add volume to the crown by teasing the roots of the layers in the back of your hair. Make sure the top layer is nice and smooth to avoid looking like a mess. (Note: the Prada models can get away with messy pigtails, but most people can’t).

2. Keep them low

You can’t really get away with the pigtails above your ears anymore, so go classy with some low ones right at the base of your neck (under your ears). Make sure they are tied with some clear or neutral elastic hair bands, the less noticeable the better. For a more polished look, pin a strand of hair around the elastic band.

3. Create a dramatic part

A part right down the middle can look a bit raw, add some drama with a deep side part to create side-swept bangs. Cut the part back to the center once you get to the back of your head, so your tails can be even.

4. Keep it smooth

You want your hair to be smooth and healthy looking. Either some lush curls or straight but lustrous ends will keep you from looking too country:).

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