Non-Leather Shoes and Accessories for Stylish Men

Most men (and women) have the opinion that virtually all shoes, wallets and belts for men are either made from leather or are low in quality and style. This is far from the truth. There are actually numerous companies that offer these products that are not only 100% cruelty free but also eco-friendly and very trendy. Take The Ethical Man, for example, who has an online vegan shop for men.

Plain Belt, $24,

I love the ‘plain belt’ which is made from recycled bike tires and a hemp lining. This belt has bold white stitching, making it go great with casual attire like some nice jeans and a sport coat.

Barnes Bag,, $245

Matt & Nat is an awesome vegan company that sells bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories that are 100% vegan for both men and women. And I just loooove their barnes bag (for men) which is the highly versatile briefcase you’ve been looking for! The classic black on black stitching makes it snazzy and the material made from recycled plastic water bottles makes it highly ethical.

Kama Black,, £97.06

Bourgeois Boheme is yet another 100% vegan company, but they specialize in stylish shoes for men and women. I like the BoBo Kama shoes in black, which are your traditional black oxfords with a rounded toe and are made from faux suede. These babies are also made in white, perfect for your summer seersucker suit!

So, there ya go. You don’t have to look like a hippie to dress cruelty-free. You can look just as hip (actually, even more hip) then the next guy by dressing according to your morals.

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  • mens wallets

    Men’s always look stylist with the lather shoes and bet. I have lather belt, wallet and shoes. The men looks so handsome and dashing in lather accessories. 

  • Men’s Style Cool Hunter

    love the look the of leather, but never feel good about buying it!

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